Brad BuscherShort Bio:
Navy veteran, husband, father, and K12 Technology Director. Its his desire to help everyone overcome their technological mountain. As Technology Director for a K12 district in Kansas he is passionate for getting the right technology in the classroom, and helping every student unlock their hidden talents, overcome their personal challenges and shine.

A bit more about me:
Who Am I?
I’m the technology director for a 800+ student school district. I’m also a private technology consultant who loves to help educators, small business owners and ministries overcome their challenges. A former Navy Cryptologist and computer programmer I love technology and what it helps me overcome.  From learning disabilities to graduating magna cum laude from Hawaii Pacific University I believe you too can overcome your mountains.

I’ve been teaching technology since 1996 and now as a keynote speaker I love engaging and challenging audiences to take the next step and learn it does not have to be scary to try new things, take up a challenge, and not accept the status quo.  Technology and a few good people who believed in me helped me get where I am today.

What am I passionate about?
I’m passionate about technology, education, and connecting people with relationships. I love the DIY and maker movements that are sweeping through education. It is determination and fortitude, the right support, and willingness to accept failure as part of the process that allows everyone to take new ground. I believe that it only takes a little faith in yourself and you can see the mountains that stand in your way crumble beneath you.