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Podstock 2015 – iOS App building

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  • xCode – This is the program we used to code out app
  • Swift – This is the language we wrote our code in
  • UIKit – A library of most every function you can do with an iPhone or iPad
  • Prepo – resizes the images.
  • Project Source
  • Deck of Cards (zip file)

GAFE – Google Apps for Education

Download (PDF, Unknown)


Ginger Lewman – ESSDACK “Brad is the type of Tech Director I’d hire at my district. Not only can he seamlessly execute the “wires n pliers” side of networking, security, and large-scale hardware rollouts, he can also communicate well with everyday teachers. His friendly, approachable manner allows teachers to be the experts of their curriculum and students while he finds — and ably teaches — fantastic tech solutions for modern K12 classrooms. He’s found the sweet spot of creating open access to learning, while still maintaining smart levels of security. “
Jan 12
. rockin the GoogleForms at the ChromeBooks and minicon.

Google Forms – Basic Presentation

Thanks to Dean Mantz for the information below

Google Form examples:

  1. Student Course survey
  2. Science Olympiad/Ecybermission Interest Inventory
  3. Dehydration survey
  4. School Safety


Screencast Tutorials:

Creating a Google Form

Establishing Response spreadsheet & viewing live form

Customizing and Sharing Google Forms

Kaizena for Google Docs

Quick Guide to Doctopus and Goobric

Goobric, Doctopus, Flubaroo and Gmath


Google Forms / Sheets Add-ons:

  1. Flubaroo
  2. Doctopus
  3. Goobric
  4. Kaizena Recorder for Google Docs
  5. Kaizena (Voice Comments)
  6. SuperQuiz
  7. JotForm

Google Resources:

  1. Google Docs and QR Codes
  2. Digital Differentiation with Google Forms
  3. Turn Google Forms Responses into Visualizations
  4. Customize Banner via Google Draw and Password Protect
  5. Forms for Administrators, Teachers and Students
  6. Google Formative Assessments & Sorting of Data

GAFE mail and Calendar

Building Better Tutorials – Podstock 2014

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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