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Adobe Photoshop

1-hour, half-day, full-day
Audience: K12 schools, Administrators, Teachers, Students 5th grade+, Business.

I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop since Photoshop 6. This is the most powerful tool I know of for manipulating photos for web, social media, art, print layouts you name it.  I walk you through the basics through more advance skills needed to created amazing results. This professional development is not limited to just adults, kids and teens love to get creative too.

Overcoming Your Mountains

half-day, full-day
Audience: K12 educators, Administrators, Teachers, Business.

Everyone starts somewhere, where you start does not have to dictate where you end up. In this workshop we will discover means and ways to go from point A to point B.  For me it was Technology, determination, motivation, and strong relationships. Every situation and ever person is unique however it is my belief that with the right help you too can overcome your mountains.

Emerging Technologies

1 hour, half-day
Audience: K12 educators, Administrators, Teachers, Business.

The world of technology changes so fast. The device you use today maybe replaced tomorrow.  In this session Brad talks about what technologies have stood the test of time (5 year window) and together with you explores the latest technology and learn if its right for you.

1:1 or BYOD

1 hour, half-day, full-day
Audience: K12 educators, Administrators, Teachers.

Choosing to go 1:1, or BYOD  or even changing from 1:1 school provided to BYOD devices there is a world of things to consider. Lets explore your needs your goals and discover the pros and cons of each. Which solution will help you reach and exceed the goals for your district or building.

Google Apps for Education

1 hour, half-day, full-day
Audience: K12 teachers, administration, students, parents

How can Google help your district? Budgets are always an issue and these tools can help on almost all levels.  The administration and management side give the control and flexibility to customize your GAFE environment.  We will explore the apps and how they can be incorporated and the backside administrative functions that give you the customization you need.

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