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This page is a attempt to list out the skills needed when building and or flying small to medium hobby / educational drones.  I’d love it if you would help me with assessing the grade levels were these skills are a best fit. Or if you think of a skill I missed I’d love to hear from you.


drone-libraryDrone building and repair skills:

  • Use of a protractor to measure angles – 4th gradeKahn Academy video
  • Use of a leaner measuring device such as a ruler to tape measure – 1st-12th gradeKahn Academy Video
  • Electronics soldering – 6th-8th gradeintroduction video from YouTube
  • Tiny object manipulation (very small screws and small gauge wire) – 5th-12th grade
  • Multi-meter to measure voltage and ohms – 3rd-12th gradeMulti-meter basics
  • 3D modeling/printing – 4th-12th grade –  (ALL3DP resource page)
  • AutoCAD  or equivalent – 6th-12th grade
  • Basic understanding of AC vs. DC power – 3rd-12th grade
  • Aerodynamics, Aerodynamics of Helicopters8th-12th grade
  • Battery power discharge calculation – 8th-12th grade

Flying and Programming SkillsFlame-Wheel-Landing-Gear1

  • Coding (python, javascript,) – beginners 4th grade – 12th
  • Weather reading (wind, temperature, humidity) (all ages)
  • Photography basic concepts (all ages)
  • Videography basic concepts (all ages)
  • RC multi controller manipulation – 5th-12th grade
  • Basic understanding of terms Pitch, Yaw, and Roll – 5th-12th grade
  • Understanding of 3D coordinate system (X,Y,Z) – 5th-12th grade
  • Radio wave propagation and signal multiplexing (and understanding of the RF spectrum and its impact on your drone’s controls) – 5th-12th grade

NewImage60Building a small drone from Legos – because of soldering 4th-12th grade, presoldered kits available from kitables.co