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Drones in Education are becoming more and more popular. But how can they be used in an educational setting and what benefit will your students get from learning about and with them.   The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

FAA Resources

Twitter Resources
  • @SheDrones – Leslie Bates on Girls & Unmanned Aerial Systems engage | educate | train | support
  • @Dronepedia – All the best images of/made by drones. Interesting facts about these cool flying objects and some ideas on how to use them for some unforgetabble fun!
  • #droneEDU, #droneChat
Goolge+ Community
Buying Guide
  • Price
    • First set your max budget then consider the rest of this list
    • Be sure to factor in what your repair budget could be
  • Repair-ability
    • Are OEM or after market parts easy to find
    • If the drone easy to disassemble
    • Are special skills required
  • Functionality
    • Does it have a build in camera or do you suspend one on a gimbal
    • What is the max payload
    • How easy it is to learn to control and fly
    • Battery Life
  • Is assembly required
    • If assembly is required be sure you either have the skills required or you are willing to take the time to learn them. Skills such as; soldering, tiny part manipulation, low voltage wiring, voltage and wattage calculations, etc.
  • Controller
    • What type of interference can it handle
    • What the max range
Policy Considerations
  • Who will fly it
  • Who will maintain it
  • Who pays for repairs
  • What are the qualifications for the pilot
  • What are local and state regulations / ordinances
  • Who / How are rights secured for flight path
Other Links and Resources
Content Area Where Drones Can Help

(Share your lesson plans here), see skills page

  • Art / Photography
  • Videography
  • Broadcasting / Journalism
  • Science
  • Technology / Electronics / Coding / Robotics
  • Art
  • Math
  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering (CAD)
  • Government / Geo Political / History / Geography