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Skype and Sway – with Stacey Ryan

Stacey Ryan is a middle school math teacher at Andover Middle School. You can reach out to her on twitter @sryanalr. Stacey is a master at using skype in her homework-less classroom. She also uses Sway and many other technologies in her classroom.



College and Career Ready – with Jodi Grover

You can follow Jodi on twitter @jodigrover or @cheneyCCR.

Instructional Coach Mona Towner

Mona is a instructional coach for the Berwyn South School district in Chicago consisting of eight k-8 schools.

You can follow Mona on twitter @rmbtowner_tech or connect with her through her portfolio,

Some apps shared on today’s episode:


Brad Buscher on Technology Infrastructure and #DroneEDU

With the calm of October in Education Techland we are able to get back to the Podcasts. Thanks for listening. This episode I share some thoughts about technology infrastructure and some thoughts on Drones or UAVs.

You can follow me on twitter @zeracomm and watch for #droneEDU and #uavEDU

Todd Flory – Master Skype Teacher

Ben Honeycutt – Open World Cause

Follow on titter @OpenWorldCause

Andrea Keller – Summer of Making

Kevin Honeycutt – Staying Relevant

Paul Shircliff- Wearables

Stacy Ryan – Global Connection

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